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Music for every moment...even on feature phones

A typical use case :

You are in a taxi and you want to play "Aye" song by "Davido" for your friend. You didn’t have enough space on your memory card to copy the song.There is no Internet connection. Don't worry.

  • Just send an SMS with the title of the song to m-MuZiik short code.
  • A few seconds later, the service calls you and plays "Aye" on your mobile phone.

Text "MMUZIIK" then track title or artist or music style to 8193 (50F/SMS)

Our offers

We've got the perfect package for you:


  • Free
  • Unlimited
  • audio ads
  • No download


  • Prepaid monthly subscription
  • Unlimited
  • ads-free
  • No download

There are other options that depend only on the Premium package :

  • music any country
  • wake-up music
  • Share musical listening with your (girl/boy) friend

Get your music on m-MuZiik

All of the music on m-MuZiik is delivered by labels and artists. Music cannot be downloaded from m-MuZiik. This prevents illegal or unlicensed music from being uploaded by 3rd parties.

But have no fear, getting your music on m-MuZiik is easy. We are making deals in place with most labels and Artists around Africa. So, whether you have a label deal or not, you can get your music up on m-MuZiik and get paid for every one of your streams.

Any music rights holders can upload his music for sale on the m-MuZiik platform.

Please contact us at : mmuziik@adelrick.com

Advertise your business on m-MuZiik

No matter what your budget, you can play your audio ads on our music streaming platform.

How it works ?

  • You create your audio ads from 5 to 30 secondes
  • During listen we play your ads
  • You attract customers

Why it works ?

The advantage of our service is that we make a Target advertising. that is to say,   it is through an intelligent algorithm that can know the preference,the sentiment of each of our customers and according to their preferences, we offer the right advertisements for their needs.

What it costs ?

Please contact us at : mmuziik@adelrick.com

Please contact us at : mmuziik@adelrick.com

Phone Number :



Disrupt Africa


m-MuZiik and its virtual assistant VIKI have been selected to present at the SWELL Innovation Awards at DEMO Africa on Friday Sept 26th 2014 where 8 startups out of the 40 finalists will pitch in front of select corporate innovators.

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